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Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar
my experience with Advocate Sudhir Rao was very pleasant. My case was of RERA where real estate developer was not providing possession , I had a different lawyer earlier but in 2 years nothing happen then I decided to change the advocate. One of my office colleagues suggested me and introduced to Advocate Sudhir Rao. I remember when I first shared all the details with sir, he said it was matter of hardly 3 hearing, at that time I came to know my previous advocate took unnecessary dates in the case. After 6 months of efforts of Sudhir Rao sir, we won the case and got full refund with interest. throughout the case he guided me what will be happen in upcoming situation and also suggest what should be right at that point of time, he tells me exactly what happens in upcoming situation from absolutely correct law point. Although his expertise in criminal cases or poco matter cases but he handle my RERA case really well. And he takes right steps at the right time all I do is believing him and on his accurate knowledge about the law. I found he handle all situations and I don't think so that any other advocate or lawyer can handle it as much as seriously and carefully he handles all situations. Thank u so much Advocate Sudhir Rao and his staff.
Hemant Yadav
Hemant Yadav
Advocate Sudhir Rao is a very professional, understanding and humble person and gives transparent information about case and stages. He gave me support and confidence in dealing with a difficult matter and always kept me up to date. My case was cyber crime case where police freeze my bank account without any reason, later found i was falsely being involved in a cyber offense by officials. Officials asked me to come Police station but my friend suggested to talk to Advocate Sudhir first where he managed to get the FIR details and other information from police station beforehand. After getting all information it was very easy for me to update and help police officers. And sir managed to get FIR quashed in Dwarka court. Thank you very much Advocate Sudhir Rao sir for your excellent legal service. I recommend him to anyone facing a difficult time just like me. I made a wise decision to choose him as my advocate who gave right and genuine advice on my matter. I had been going through a very hard time but he was very supportive and responsive to me throughout the case. His services are highly recommended to anyone in need of legal advice and support.
Pardeep Kumar
Pardeep Kumar
Advocate Sudhir Rao is Very Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Sharp & a very Focused Lawyer. For my Divorce case, I met him through reference, before meeting him I was in stressful stage in terms of my case. But after meeting him, the Confidence, the Positivity & the Support he Showed to me as person. Really brought back my confidence & made me stress-free. He is One of the Best nd Supporting Lawyer I have Ever seen, who is 100% Comitted towards his Profession & his Clients. Sir helped in getting the false dowry FIR cancelled and helped in getting custody of my child. Although both of these happed were initially rejected by District court but sir suggested to go to high court and we got both the orders in our favor. Thank You Sudhir Sir for helping me in every possible way. You are really an amazing Lawyer in Delhi ????
Tanuj Yadav
Tanuj Yadav
One of the great advocate I know, he is has great knowledge of the matrimonial disputes, multiple fake cases of dowry and false domestic violation was filed against me. Sudhir sir not only helped me in the legal case but also helped me in understanding the law as well. We managed to get orders in our favour and sir helped me in getting the maintenance order set aside by high court. I rarely write reviews online, but I have Write it because It's really hard to find a good Lawyer. Sudhir sir`s knowledge is at remarkable in criminal and family disputes matter.
Jitender Yadav
Jitender Yadav
Most genuine person in this profession i have ever seen. Now a days where lawyers are finding ways to fetch money from client pocket. Mr. Sudhir helped me and my parents in every possible way. He has great knowledge of criminal matter, bail matters, matrimonial disputes and property disputes I must recommend him to my frnds and family

Areas of Practice

At Sudhir Rao Legal Associates, we believe in providing clear, concise, and impactful legal solutions that cater to your specific needs. Here’s a deeper dive into each practice area, showcasing our distinct approach and valuable outcomes:

Intellectual Property

We are guardians of your creativity, specializing in securing patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Inventors, businesses, and artists trust our strategic IP protection to safeguard their valuable assets

Corporate & Commercial

We handle complex business transactions, entity formations, and disputes with proven strategies for swift and successful resolution.

Real Estate & Property

We provide comprehensive legal guidance for all aspects of real estate, including acquisition, development, and management, setting us apart in the property law arena.

Consumer Protection

We stand as your fierce advocates in consumer disputes,seeking fair compensation and holding businesses accountable for product defects and unfair practices.

Indian Regulations

We offer tailored advice, representation in regulatory matters, and compliance audits, ensuring you operate smoothly within the legal framework.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We excel in using mediation, arbitration, and other ADR methods to achieve fast and cost-saving resolutions for your disputes.

Know the Law

on different topics

Divorce Law

  • Know Your Grounds: Adultery, cruelty, desertion, or breakdown are potential grounds for divorce. Choose wisely before filing.
  • Navigating the Process: Petitions, negotiations, and court appearances are key steps. Be prepared for a smoother journey.
  • Fair Finances: Assets, alimony, and spousal support are addressed. Understand your rights to ensure a just outcome.
Divorce Law
Divorce Law
Anticipatory Bail
Anticipatory Bail

Anticipatory Bail

  • Proactive legal shield: Get bail before arrest if you fear imminent accusation.
  • For genuine concerns: Offers pre-arrest remedy when facing potential charges.
  • Balanced approach: Court may set conditions to ensure both freedom and fair investigation.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.

Martin Luther King Jr.

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