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Indore Family Court Orders Woman to Pay Maintenance of 5000 to Estranged Husband in Unique Case

An Indore family court has issued a landmark ruling ordering a woman to pay monthly maintenance to her estranged husband. This case stands out as it deviates from the typical scenario where wives receive spousal support.

In a recent ruling, an Indore family court has directed a woman to provide a monthly alimony of Rs 5,000 to her estranged husband. The couple had lodged mutual complaints against each other, with the woman citing harassment and seeking spousal support, while the man counterclaimed that the woman’s actions led him to abandon his studies, rendering him unemployed.

Women to pay maintenance

In a nutshell, the court sided with the husband’s plea, ordering the woman to pay Rs 5,000 per month in alimony. The legal proceedings revealed that the woman accused her husband of physical and mental harassment related to dowry, prompting her to file for spousal support. Conversely, the man filed a counter-complaint, alleging harassment from his wife after their marriage, and claimed alimony due to leaving his studies because of her.

Landmark Ruling: Woman Ordered to Pay Monthly Maintenance to Estranged Husband in Indore

In a groundbreaking decision, an Indore family court has ordered a woman to pay monthly maintenance to her estranged husband. This landmark case challenges the traditional norm of wives receiving spousal support and highlights the evolving legal landscape in India.

The Case: Woman to pay Maintenance:

The couple, identified only as Aman and his wife, were embroiled in a legal battle with counter-allegations of abuse and financial claims. The wife accused Aman of physical and mental harassment related to dowry, seeking spousal support.However, Aman countered these claims, alleging the wife’s actions forced him to abandon his studies, leading to unemployment.

Key Points:

  • Inconsistencies in the wife’s statements regarding her employment status played a crucial role in the court’s decision.
  • The court, after careful consideration of both sides’ arguments and evidence, ruled in favor of the husband,mandating the wife to pay him Rs. 5,000 per month as maintenance.
  • This ruling could set a precedent in Madhya Pradesh, potentially paving the way for similar cases where women are ordered to pay maintenance to their husbands under specific circumstances.
तलाक लेने की प्रक्रिया
Woman to pay maintenance to husband – तलाक लेने की प्रक्रिया

The Story Unfolds:

The couple’s relationship began in 2020. The wife allegedly pressured Aman into marriage despite his student status, even resorting to threats of suicide. Following their wedding in July 2021, the wife reportedly subjected Aman to abuse,leading him to leave their home within two months.

Claims and Countersuits:

The wife filed a missing person complaint and accused Aman of dowry harassment, seeking maintenance. In response,Aman countersued, alleging similar abuse and claiming maintenance due to his unemployment, which he attributed to the emotional turmoil caused by his wife’s actions.

Court’s Verdict:

After evaluating the presented evidence and identifying inconsistencies in the wife’s claims, the court ruled in favor of the husband. This landmark decision requires the wife to pay her estranged husband monthly maintenance. Woman to pay maintenance Rs. 5000 to her husband. Traditionally, in cases involving physical and mental abuse, the wife tends to be granted maintenance.


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Woman to pay maintenance

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