A.—Death sentences

  1. Execution of order passed under section 409.
  2. Execution of sentence of death passed by High Court.
  3. Postponement of execution of sentence of death in case of appeal to Supreme Court.
  4. Commutation of sentence of death on pregnant woman.
  5. Power to appoint place of imprisonment.
  6. Execution of sentence of imprisonment.
  7. Direction of warrant for execution.
  8. Warrant with whom to be lodged.
    C.—Levy of fine
  9. Warrant for levy of fine.
  10. Effect of such warrant.
  11. Warrant for levy of fine issued by a Court in any territory to which this Sanhita does not extend.
  12. Suspension of execution of sentence of imprisonment.
    D.—General provisions regarding execution
  13. Who may issue warrant.
  14. Sentence on escaped convict when to take effect.
  15. Sentence on offender already sentenced for another offence.
  16. Period of detention undergone by accused to be set off against sentence of
  17. imprisonment.
  18. Saving.
  19. Return of warrant on execution of sentence.
  20. Money ordered to be paid recoverable as a fine.
    E.—Suspension, remission and commutation of sentences.
  21. Mercy petition in death sentence cases.
  22. Power to suspend or remit sentences.
  23. Power to commute sentence.
  24. Restriction on powers of remission or commutation in certain cases.
  25. Concurrent power of Central Government in case of death sentences.
  26. State Government to act after concurrence with Central Government in certain cases
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