Best Lady Divorce Lawyers in Delhi

At Advocate Sudhir Rao: we have 10-15 Expert Lady lawyers who deals with Divorce cases


In the legal tapestry of Delhi, where personal lives intersect with legal complexities, Advocate Sudhir Rao stands as a beacon of justice. With unwavering commitment and a genuine belief in the transformative power of the legal system, I navigate the tumultuous waters of divorce. Let’s delve into the intricacies of divorce law, demystify the stages, and shed light on the complexities faced by those seeking solace through legal remedies.

Understanding Divorce: A Journey Unfolds

1. The Decision to Part Ways

  • Mutual Consent: When both partners agree to dissolve their marriage amicably.
  • Contested Divorce: Legal battles where disagreements persist.

2. Filing the Petition

  • Grounds for Divorce: Cruelty, adultery, desertion, mental illness, etc.
  • Documentation: Petition, affidavits, and supporting evidence.

3. Interim Maintenance and Alimony

  • Financial Support: Ensuring financial stability during proceedings.
  • Alimony: Determining fair spousal support.

4. Child Custody and Visitation

  • Custody Arrangements: Legal and physical custody.
  • Visitation Rights: Ensuring parental access.

5. Property Division

  • Marital Assets: Equitable distribution of property.
  • Legal Battles: Disputes over ownership.


As an advocate, I pledge to uphold fairness, equity, and the rule of law. For those navigating divorce, remember that justice is not just a destination—it’s a path we walk together. Reach out to me at or visit my office at P-2A, Basement, Jangpura, Block P, Jungpura Extension, Jangpura, New Delhi, Delhi 110014. Your journey matters, and I am here to guide you. 📜⚖️

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